Vancouver Inline Hockey
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  • Welcome To The MVRHL
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    MVRHL is an minor inline hockey league for kids and young adults ages 4 to 18. We operate in the Metro Vancouver area each spring. The season runs from April to the end of June. The MVRHL will run in arenas throughout Vancouver and Burnaby once the ice hockey season is over and the ice is removed. Roller Hockey has grown tremendously in cities outside of Vancouver including North and West Vancouver, Langley, Chilliwack, Victoria, and Surrey. We have finally brought youth inline hockey to Vancou
  • Sedin's Use Inline Skates To Improve Skating
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      One of the main knocks on the Sedins when they came into the league was their skating ability. They have never been particularly fast, but when they entered the league they weren’t particularly strong on their skates either. Knowing that this was one of the main areas they needed to work on, but not wanting to spend the sunny summer months in a cold ice rink, they took to inline skating outdoors to work on their skating stride.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND WATCH THE VIDEO  
  • Division 1 Team 3 Wins Gold!
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    Division 1 Team 3 Won the Division 1 Championships on July 6th 2013. Great work to all teams involved in a fantastic first season!  
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MVRHL’s First Tournament Team who won gold at the TORHS  2HOT4ICE Regionals. This is a fantastic achievement for our first year team!  Great Job!!!               
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Vancouver Minor Inline Hockey

 Welcome to the Metro Vancouver Roller Hockey League | MVRHL

Metro Vancouver Roller Hockey League - MVRHL is a minor Vancouver Inline Hockey League for youth and young adults ages 18 and under. Whether you are a complete beginner and have never been on skates before, or have played for years; we have a spot for you!  HAVE SOME FUN THIS SUMMER!!!!

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The MVRHL operates in the Community Center Arena’s of Vancouver  area each Spring once the ice has been removed.  The MVRHL is for Boys and Girls 18 and under, and is SAFE, NON-CONTACT, and full equipment is required, it is very similar to Ice or Ball hockey with the exception of inline skates. Inline hockey improves your ice game , just ask Ryan Kesler, David Booth, Alex Burrows, the Sedin’s and other NHLers who grew up with inline hockey.

MVRHL is an accredited member of the  National Inline Hockey Association and the BC Inline Hockey Association  which are part of BC Hockey and Hockey Canada.


Not sure what Roller Hockey is about? Check out our Video Section to find out!

Do you still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s page


Mention Us To Your Friends!

Make sure you mention Roller Hockey to all your friends at school. After the great first year we had, only good things are to come and the only way that can happen is if you tell everyone you know that you want them to play as well. Please spread the word!

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