7 Reasons You Should Choose Frameless Glass Balustrade

Are you considering using frameless glass balustrade but not sure if it merits the change? It is important to consider the benefits of frameless glass balustrade before making a decision. Frameless glass balustrade are decidedly superior to simple glass balustrade or balustrade made of other materials. Aside from their striking impact, following are five reasons that will make you a fan of frameless glass balustrade.

  1. Maintenance

Unlike other balustrade, frameless glass balustrades require very little maintenance over the course of their lifespan. Not only that they are extremely easy to clean and requires a simple wipe down to make it as good as new. Frameless glass balustrade is the perfect option for those who lead busy lives.

  1. Durability

Made from sturdy glass, frameless glass balustrade are more durable than other types of balustrades. The glass used is tempered and toughened to ensure that it doesn’t break even when it is damaged. Invest in a frameless glass balustrade and rest assured that your investment would truly pay off in the long term.

  1. Easy Installation

The modern and sleek style of the frameless glass balustrade might mislead you into thinking that it would require a complexinstallation process. It is not only easy to design a frameless glass balustrade but its installation is relatively simple as well. This means that frameless glass balustrade will be installed quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

  1. Versatile

The use of glass in frameless glass balustrade makes them truly unique. Glass is an extremely versatile material: It can be used for interior and exterior of the construction as well as used in a simple or a complex design of balustrade.

  1. Stylish

Frameless glass balustrade’s modern look is aesthetically pleasing. The glass used in this balustrade creates an immediate striking impression and the reflecting light makes the space look bigger and lighter. Their sleek and stylish look makes them a popular installment option in residences as well as offices. When used outside on balconies, frameless glass balustrade offer unobstructed view.

  1. Safe

Don’t be fooled into thinking that frameless glass balustrade is a less safe option than other types of balustrades. Not only is the glass tempered and strengthened to afford maximum strength, glass does not rot, can withstand most weather conditions and cannot be easily damaged.

  1. Environment Friendly

The durability of glass makes it an environmentally friendly option than other types of material used in balustrades. With the potential of lasting more than a lifetime, chances of scrape and waste are minimized. Not only that but it is possible to recycle all the parts of the frameless glass balustrade.