Advantages of customer relationship management (CRM) in business

Microsoft CRM is standing for customer relationship management software is developed by Microsoft. Microsoft CRM (customer relationship management) mainly focuses on Marketing, Sales and Service (help desk) sectors. Microsoft CRM solution plays a special role in your business, it increases your profit in your marketing/advertising, sales and service division. A good and strong CRM solution to improving your customer relationships. Without the help or the support of the CRM solution, you may not gain your growth and because of it you are not gaining you business.

Like it useful for business, so the Microsoft creates a dynamic CRM as a CRM platform and it encourage partners to use it (.NET based) framework. The Microsoft CRM solution provides a framework for installing, uninstalling, and packaging options to match for your business. It allows to develop, customize and maintain the extend CRM. Any customization, configurations or extensions, are accomplished in CRM are distributed, packaged and managed using CRM solutions. Let’s see some types of solution such as:

Default System Solution (DSS):

The system CRM solution contains many solutions such as components defined in CRM without any modification or customization. Many components in the system of Microsoft CRM solution are customizable and they also used in managed and unmanaged of solutions and customizations.

Managed solution:

A managed solution that is complete and intended spread and distributed and then installed. A managed solution can install on the top or above of the system or other managed solution.

Important tips:

  1. If you export or send managed CRM solutions from one organization and import to other organization, then in new organization you won’t edit the solution.
  2. A managed solution directly not reference to the system solution.
  3. If you uninstall a managed solution, then it will uninstall all the modification or customization pair is connected with the solution.

Unmanaged solution:

An under-development solution is called as unmanaged solution and it is not intended to be shared. An unmanaged solution has all unmanaged modifications or customization of a CRM component. It will include any removed, added, modified and deleted components. By a random and default, every new solution has unmanaged solution. With this you can export unmanaged solution and managed or unmanaged that solution.

Important tips:

  1. If you export the unmanaged solution file from one organization and import it to another, then you will able to edit the solution in that new organization.
  2. A solution which is unmanaged solution is directly referenced or prefer the system solution. And you made changes in one unmanaged solution, then it will apply or applied to all the unmanaged solution that has the same references of the components and it includes system solution also.
  3. From an unmanaged solution, if you delete a component solution, the component deleted that solution permanently from the system and it will be no longer available. If you just want to remove the component from unmanaged solution. Use the remove option instated of delete option.

In this way, the Microsoft CRM solution helps in your business and show how to use the CRM solution. These above tips help you to gain your business.