Crafting Your Own Bespoke Engagement Rings in London

London has come to be accustomed to bespoke engagement rings. These rings are designed to speak about ties with your partner and they get so personal. You can choose a dealer to make one for you or you can just buy a readymade classic ring.

In case you choose one of the readymade bespoke engagement rings London, then you need to know the ring size of your partner. Most dealers allow up to a 30-day return period. However, you can avoid returns by estimating the right finger size of your partner.

The following parameters apply:

  • Ring size J: Suitable start for people under 1.6 meters of height. The size is for smaller and slender fingers.
  • Ring size L: Best size start for your fiancée whois approx. 1.68 metres tall.
  • Ring size N: Better starting point if your partner is taller and a little heavier.

How to get Custom made Bespoke Engagement Rings London

First select your dealer. There is a variety of dealers available in London to design a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for you. So you will need to find a dealer and discuss the design you want. Also, you will have to choose the kind of material you would like, is it diamond, gold or precious stones. Then seal your deal by ensuring it is within your budget.

Let the dealer design the ring for you. After you have discussed all the parameters you will give the dealer time to make adraw a designed ring for you. During this time they will also source for precious gemstones from authentic suppliers. You can then audit the design and approve it if it intrigues you.

Wait for your ring, then after you confirm the design and the budget you will have to wait for approximately4-12 weeks for your bespoke engagement ring London to be made. The rings are made of made with a fusion of traditional and modern techniques.

Advantages of Bespoke Engagement Rings London

  • They are custom made to add a personal taste to the ring.
  • Made of authenticated precious stone gems.
  • They are very comfortable to wear
  • They are built to last for ages
  • Since they are custom-made you can work around a suitable budget

Disadvantages ofBespoke Engagement rings London

– It will take up-to 4-12weeks for your ring to be made.

– They are quite expansive, so this is something to bear in mind if you have a limited budget.


Youcan now put aside the hustle and bustle of selecting a right ring for yourfiancée. Chose bespoke engagement rings London and your ring will be tailored with a personal touch that will speak volumes about your loving relationship.