Removal Guidance from Japanese knotweed specialists

Japanese knotweed has proved to be a serious threat to many land owners, but fortunately, solutions exist to facilitate its permanent eradication. You can get Japanese knotweed specialists who offer specialist knotweed eradication, but as with most industries, the quality of service provided varies greatly from one provider to the next so be sure to check out feedback left by previous clients and ensure that all work carried out by the provider of your choosing is fully guaranteed.

There are different ways of eradicating knotweed, with one of the most effectual being to get the assistance of Japanese knotweed specialists. The best thing about this method is that the results are instantaneous, unfortunately, because the contaminated materials have to be disposed of at an approved landfill site, it is also the most expensive method of knotweed control. For this reason, it is used in situations where no other options seem viable. It is also used in instances where time is of the essence; an example would be a construction site where development has been halted due to the discovery of knotweed.

Japanese knotweed specialists will follow the plant’s rhizome network as they excavate, this ensures that the amount of waste going to landfill is kept to the absolute minimum and therefore reduces disposal fees. It also minimizes the amount of topsoil or other materials required to refill the excavation site after removal has taken place. In addition to treating the knotweed infestation, the Japanese knotweed specialists may utilize measures to prevent any further spread of the plant, either to other areas of your site or into neighbouring properties.

This is simply accomplished via the use of appropriate root barriers which knotweed roots are unable to penetrate. With this method, it is possible to effectively fence in the infestation and avoid the embarrassment of having to explain to your neighbour why they now have knotweed growing though their garage floor. It is essential that all tools and machinery used in the removal as directed by Japanese knotweed specialists who ensure that are well thoroughly cleaned after each job.

Cleaning eliminates the risk of accidentally infecting other areas with knotweed. Under section 14 of the wildlife and countryside act, it is actually an offence to facilitate the spread of Japanese knotweed, so whilst this may seem like overkill to some, given that the tools are only used in areas that are already infected, it is actually a precaution that is required in order to operate within the letter of the law.