Solar Panels

Solar Battery Project

Using solar power is really fashionable nowadays many people love the concept and start thinking on their own on how to join the movement. Good rule of thumb is to get started with a smaller project at first until you get the hang of it then you can move on to more complex ones such as a home solar battery.

Getting evolved harnessing solar power can turn in to a fun little hobby. For you to get started here are few easy and cheap solar battery project which can help you start your journey towards a green life.

1: Drink purified water
It is not that simple as you think, but think about it, you can do it all by yourself from the designing part all through the building stage. If you do it both you will feel the miracle of creating. The whole concept is the following you heat up the water it evaporates and leaves any unwanted residue behind. Thus, by the end of the day you are getting clean water. This method is used in 3rd world countries across the globe so it works. You have to decide now how expensive you want it to make it. There are microwave sized machines which can purify 3 gallons of water on a good sunny day.

2: Solar power battery charger
Well, this is not exactly a big project, you only need to get the things in the right order, though you still need to learn strategy and planning. You can learn a great deal about PV panels and a home solar battery and when is the best time to use them. It is a great idea to invest in to solar powered charger, because they are efficient and a great way to start up dead or old batteries which were not used for a long time. These chargers come with safety features like prevention of overcharging. Alkaline Vs rechargeable batteries, well the later ones win hands down because their value is 20 times more than the alkaline options.

3: Using the Sun’s power to read at night
Well this project has good potential all you have to decide on how much you want to get involved with. What you need is a small PV panel, a rechargeable battery, some efficient LED’s, light sensor and a switch. And you are almost done with it. Hang it over the chair where do you usually read and think about the electricity what you can save if your hobby is reading books at night. Also, if you are more techie you can design your own circuit board.